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Frequently Asked Questions

1/ How do I apply?

Applications are available online at begining December 1, 2014. Simply fill out the application form. If you live in France, chose a date for your in-person exams and interview. We will contact you by phone to confirm receipt of your application and your interview date. If you are residing abroad, please submit on line as a foreiner. Send us your coverletter and your portfolio.

2/ What type of exams must I take?

There will be a multiple choice exam around general artistic knowledge, English and/ or graphic techniques. There is also a drawing test. Your exam day is divided into two parts: written tests are the morning from 9am to 12pm & individual interviews are in the afternoon from 2-5pm.

3/ How should I prepare myself for the individual interview?

The interview is your chance to demonstrate your artistic skills and your motivation for entering the school. You will be able to present your portfolio, then your interviewer will spend approximately 15 minutes asking you questions.

4/ What must I do to prepare my portfolio?

At the bottom of the online application form, you will find all the information you need to help you prepare your portfolio.

5/ I am a foreigner or I live in DOM/TOM territory

If the above case applies to you, select 'foreigner' or 'DOM/TOM' on your online application form. The interview will be replaced by a detailed letter of motivation and you must send us a link (Dropbox or WeTransfer) for your portfolio.

6/ What type of information should I include in my motivation letter?

Explain why you are applying at ArtFx. You should also share information about your educational and artistic paths, your professional goals, and finally your expectations and desires for your time at ArtFx?

7/ What is the international class?

The Digital Director courses can be taken in English beginning in the 2nd year of studies. This program is mainly designed for non-francophone students, but it is also open to francophone students who can demonstrate an appropriately advanced level in English.

8/ Are there other courses that will be taught in english?

Yes, the Video Game and Technical Director courses are also taught in English.

9/ I am having trouble finalizing my online application

Verify that you are using an appropriate format for your documents (photo, degrees, etc.). If they are not in the correct format or are too large, you will not be able to complete your inscription.

1/ How much does it cost?

Annual tuition and fees are listed at the bottom of the Pedagogy page.

2/ Does ArtFx have student housing?

We provide all enrolled students with information about housing options near the school.

3/ I currently have a fellowships/scholarship/grant. Will I be able to apply this funding to ArtFx?

No. ArtFx is unable to accept scholarships, grants or fellowhip funding as tuition payment. ArtFx accepts the following forms of payments: checks from a French-based bank, bank transfers, or cash.

4/ Do I need to be able to draw before I apply to ArtFx?

Not all of our programs require advanced drawing skills. However, we do recommend that you regularly work to develop your artistic skills. The Animation specialization does require advanced drawing skills.

5/ Can I apply to the 4th year of the Digital Director program?

No. You must begin this program in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year.

6/ If I apply to the 2nd year, but I'm not accepted, can I then apply for the 1st year?

The application process is basically the same regardless of the program year your applying for. The results of your exam, interview and overall experience will decide which year of the program you will be invited to enter.

7/ is there a maximum age for applying?


8/ Do you offer long distance learning options?


9/ Must I have a baccalaureat?

A BAC or its equivalent is required for admission to ArtFx. All types of BACs are accepted.

10/ Do you have an open house?

Yes. This year's event will be held on Saturday, march 11, 2017.

11/ I am a foreigner, do I need a visa?

Yes. Campus France is the organization that handles student VISA applications. Please visit the Campus France website for details associated with your country:

12/ Do ArtFx students benefit from student discounts and other priviledges?

Yes. Once you are enrolled at ArtFx, you will have official 'student' status and you will be able to benefit from all sources of aid and discounts available to students in France. This will also allow you to contact C. R. O. U. S (only before the end of April) for housing assistance.

13/ How is the ArtFx degree recognized?

ArtFx diplomas are recognized by the RNCP at level I.

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