International Courses

In the International Class, you can take your courses in English and benefit from a multicultural environment!

For several years now, the international recognition of the professional level of training that ArtFx provides, the international careers of its alumni, and the success of its short student films in festivals across the world have been attracting candidates of various nationalities to our doors.

With this in mind, ArtFx has decided to open its pedagogical program to a larger audience by launching an International Class for 2014-15 school year. Students in this Class will take all of their courses in English.

Open to students from the start of their 2nd year in“Digital Directing”studies, and for the entire “Game Design”program, the International Class is designed for non-francophone students as well as anyone who wants to be immersed in an international business environment.


  • Professional level training,
  • An internationally recognized diploma,
  • A vast professional network,
  • A first-rate educational environment.

The city of Montpellier
Studying in Montpellier means benefitting from an environment where culture and heritage meet. Montpellier accommodates over 60,000 students and currently holds the second highest national ranking of French Higher Education sites. Its proximity to London, Paris, Barcelona, and Rome allows students to bathe in the European culture, which is enriching for them on both a personal and professional level.


Gathering all the necessary documents for your application can take a significant amount of time, we suggest that you start this process on or before the end of January.

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