Team - ArtFx

Anders Lazaret - ArtFx Anders Lazaret

Anders Lazaret

Character design and Speed painting Professor
Self-taught, Anders Lazaret is an illustrator and polymath. He works on editorial illustrations, concept art, book and CD illustrations, etc. He is also the author of comic books published by Mythos Comics (USA). His influences: Andreas, Alberto Breccia and Bill Sienkiewicz.

Aurélien Marini - ArtFx Aurélien Marini

Aurélien Marini

Sound Professor
Self-taught, Aurélien Marini is a composer, arranger, sound designer and producer. Since 2008, he has led the 2C Studio which is a composition and sound design studio as well as a production and editing society.
With the help of his team, he has developed a variety of creative and technical works within numerous sectors: audiovisual (AB Groupe, Tia Productions, etc.), video games (Nintendo), music industry (Hemiola Music, Nickel Music, etc.), multimedia (Partouche) and performing arts.

Aurélyen Daudet - ArtFx Aurélyen Daudet

Aurélyen Daudet

Compositing Professor
Passionate about photos and images, graduate of audiovisual engineering, Aurélyen Daudet was drawn towards compositing and has traveled in special effects studios for nine years (Mikros Image, Sparx, Entropie Films) on various projects: advertising, feature film and video game trailers. He has worked with Python for Nuke and Maya.

His scientific studies prepared him for various types of scripting. Today teaches compositing.

Brice Maurin - ArtFx Brice Maurin

Brice Maurin

Educational Director of Game Design
A graduate of video game creation from Supinfogame, Brice Maurin has worked on different video game projects for Ubisoft, Cyanide and KTM Advance studios. Alongside his activities as independent game designer, he taught project management.
Passionate about video games, martial arts and teaching, he helps students traverse pragmatic, playful and atypical experiences.

Carine Poussou - ArtFx Carine Poussou

Carine Poussou

Adjunct Director of Pedagogy
After studying Fine Arts and cultural project management, Carine Poussou began her audiovisual career at GTC Numérique.
This experience allowed her to build detailed knowledge about film production. She was then charged with VFX production at Def2Shoot and Éclair studios, and collaborated on several feature films, like "OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d'espions" and "La Môme." She also worked as a director of production at a publicity firm.

Cece Helgesen - ArtFx Cece Helgesen

Cece Helgesen

English as a Second Language Professor
Since her arrival in Europe from New York City in 2002, Cece has been a professor of English, using over 10 years of experience as a production and promotion director in the US to develop courses focused on developing creativity and sensorial expression, professional skills and understanding of anglophone culture and history and their impact on cinema.
Cece holds a bachelor's in French and a master's in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan and has worked in the fields of high-tech, concert production and urban design.

Danielle Harrell - ArtFx Danielle Harrell

Danielle Harrell

English as a Second Language Professor/ International Relations Manager
A graduate of the University of Potsdam (SUNY), Danielle Harrell is a native English speaking American who has lived and worked in Boston, Massachusetts and Los Angeles, California, as a teacher, arts administrator, musician and professional fundraiser. Since 2010, Danielle has been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) courses at ArtFx that provide students with a variety of techniques to improve their written and verbal communication skills. She has also taught ESL classes in the US and Taiwan via an online classroom application. Thanks to her administrative and fundraising experiences, she is at ease managing a wide variety of professional relationships, handling confidential information, and leading local and long-distance group voyages. Danielle has a naturally insatiable curiosity, and working with people in and around the VFX field affords her the opportunity to explore the infinite world of possibilities within reality - and beyond.

Delphine Moll - ArtFx Delphine Moll

Delphine Moll

Drawing, Anatomy and Artistic Development Professor
With a masters degree in Fine Arts and Education from IUFM d’Aix-Marseille, Delphine Moll is a visual artist. Primarily attracted to techniques around painting, she developed, canvas by canvas, her passion across a wide variety of mediums: acrylics, watercolors, ink, pastels, charcoal, etc.

She shares her expertise by teaching drawing, anatomy, light and color, surfacing and artistic development.

Erick Hupin - ArtFx Erick Hupin

Erick Hupin

CG Professor
Former ArtFx student, Erick started working at Mikros Images immediately after he graduated in 2010. For 3 years, he was able to demonstrate the quality of the training he had received at ArtFx by working on a number of different projects (films and commercials) as a generalist in CG and Compositing.

Wanting a shift in his career path and the opportunity to share his knowledge with others, it is with great enthusiasm that he returned to ArtFx. He is now teaching CG as a core member of the school’s pedagogic team.

Florence Guy - ArtFx Florence Guy

Florence Guy

Volume Professor
Completely self-taught, Florence Guy began her sculpting career at a very early age. She has participated in a number of exhibits and has created many art pieces for public collectives, associations and private individuals. She has received various awards and has commemorative sculptures in France and Germany. After she obtained her fine arts degree, she started teaching and leading sculpting, painting and drawing workshops in for the public and associations.

Florian Rihn - ArtFx Florian Rihn

Florian Rihn

Special Effects Professor
2007 ArtFx graduate, Florian Rihn has been specializing in working on fluids and particles. He has worked as an FX artist and FX supervisor and he has participated in the creation of numerous commercials and music videos. Florian has also worked at Mikros Image, Forêt Bleue and Digital District.

Franck Basset - ArtFx Franck Basset

Franck Basset

Art History Professor
After beginning a career in applied arts, Frank Basset studied digital design at L’Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l’Image (EESI). Today, he teaches drawing, graphic design and science-fiction cinema. Passionate about the language of cinematography, he is also a novelist.

Gilbert Kiner - ArtFx Gilbert Kiner

Gilbert Kiner

Founding Partner / School and Educational Director
Graduate of audiovisual techniques, Gilbert Kiner is one of the pioneers of the special effects world in France. He began his career in the 80’s as an editor for Canal Plus. He then worked as special effects director at Mikros Image, where he developed the first special effects department, Medialab Technology and Mainstreet. For these studios, he supervised a number of commercials and feature films ("Farinelli", "Les Anges gardiens", "Assassins," and others).

He has spent a total of twenty years besides some of the greatest directors: Alain Resnais, Jean-Paul Goude, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Mathieu Kassovitz, Bruno Dumont, Claire Denis, and Peter Greenaway to name a few. In 2004 he created ArtFx in order to share his passion and knowledge. He also co-founded and is an active member of the Network of Animation Film Schools (RECA).

Gregory Hernandez - ArtFx Gregory Hernandez

Gregory Hernandez

Information Technology Manager
A Performing Arts graduate from the University of Paris X, Greg Hernandez went on to special in digital audiovisual techniques at SAE Institute of Paris and Singapore. He has worked for the BFM TV channel as technician, cameraman and assistant editor. Today, he is an audiovisual technician, camera operator and assistant editor at ArtFx.

Guillaume Benoit - ArtFx Guillaume Benoit

Guillaume Benoit

Professeur de Game Design
Ancien responsable Game Design à Supinfogame, Guillaume BENOIT, diplomé en réalisation vidéo ludique chez Supinfogame, a travaillé comme Producer chez un éditeur de jeu vidéo sur de nombreux titres pluriplateformes et comme Game Designer freelance sur du social game, du serious game, de la gamification.
Liant théorie et expériences ludiques, il enseigne l’analyse de jeux, méthodes de création, théories du jeu et du joueur, l’Histoire des différentes formes de jeux ainsi que la tenue de projets (documentation, outils, process).

Jérome Duraud - ArtFx Jérome Duraud

Jérome Duraud

3D Animation Professor
Trained in visual arts and then traditional animation, Jérôme Duraud has worked as an Animator, Character Animator and Animation Supervisor in a number of studios: Def2shoot, Sparx Animation Studios, Action Synthèse, 737 Shaker (Espagne) and Oniria Pictures (Luxembourg).

During his 12 or so years of professional experience, he has collaborated on the creation of several feature length animation films ("Yonayona Pengin", "Renart the Fox", "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas"), as well as a TV series ("Le Manège enchanté"), short films, web series, advertisements, music videos, etc.

Julien Pons - ArtFx Julien Pons

Julien Pons

Graphic & Motion Design Professor / Head of Communication
Self-taught in Fine Arts and specializing in Photoshop for more than 15 years, Julien Pons is a graphic and motion designer. Established in London, he works for top publicity firms (Publicis, Euro RSCG, DDB, TBWA, etc.), and advertising agencies in the United Kingdom and France. As part of the ArtFx faculty, he teaches graphic design (visual identity), motion design and photo retouching (fashion and beauty; matte painting).

Laurent Bru - ArtFx Laurent Bru

Laurent Bru

Storyboard professor
Trained at CNBDI in Angoulème, Laurent Bru specialized early on in animation and live-action filming. For nearly fifteen years the strokes of his pencil have been used in pre-production studios like Futurikon, 2 minutes, Sip animation, Téléimages kids, Cyber Group studios, Dupuis audiovisual, etc.

He also intermittenly teaches, in private and public institutions, that well organized scenography leads to better results.

Martine Charviez - ArtFx Martine Charviez

Martine Charviez

Founding Partner/Administrative and Financial Director/Business Manager
After studying marketing and advertising, Martine Charviez began in commercial advertising before going into the audiovisual sector. First in charge of post-production at Mikros Image, next for the Image Group, and then she was director of production for the M6 channel.
She joined the Tribu studio in 2000, specializing in image creation and motion capture. Associate founder of ArtFx School, she is currently serves as Administrative and Financial Director and Business Manager.

Nathalie Lapuyade - ArtFx Nathalie Lapuyade

Nathalie Lapuyade

Executive Assistant
Mother of four and actively involved in various parents associations, Nathalie Lapuyade went back to school in 2009 to study negotiations and client relations. She then worked for Sud de France Export and Université de Montpellier II.

Trilingual, she has been working as Executive and Recruitment Assistant at ArtFx since 2012. This allows her to remain close to both students and professionals.

Olivier Dobremel - ArtFx Olivier Dobremel

Olivier Dobremel

Narrative Systems Professor
Formerly charged with teaching film analysis and cinema history at l’Université Paul Valéry-Montpellier III, Olivier Dobremel is also a comic book writer for Soliel/Delcourt and Ankama Publishers.

He is currently working on several writing projects (anticipation, fantasy...) and is always using his former experiences analyzing serial killers and their social representations, to help him elaborate on the killers within these ‘trashy’ 7th Art tales.

Pierre Lergenmüller - ArtFx Pierre Lergenmüller

Pierre Lergenmüller

Graduation projects
Educated in Fine Arts and computer graphics, Pierre Lergenmüller began his career as a VFX supervisor. He has worked on commercials and feature films for M.A.D production society. He also co-founded the studio In Efecto and he has supervised productions there for several years. He is currently the computer graphics teacher (Maya, After Effects) and graduation film supervisor at ArtFx.

Sandrine Hauducoeur - ArtFx Sandrine Hauducoeur

Sandrine Hauducoeur

Graduation projects
Following her studies in Fine and Decorative Arts, Sandrine Hauducoeur worked on animation films for five years with director Claude Copin at Exposure studio. She also worked on restoring films for Gaumont.
At the heart of several major Parisian studios (Ex-Machina, Sparx, Mac Guff Ligne, Moonscoop), she spent 15 years working as CG animator, production manager and first assistant director for a number of projects: advertisements, TV series, medium and feature length animation films like “Igor” and “Titeuf, le film.” Since 2009, she has been supervising the productions of graduating student films at ArtFx.

Tiziana Annesi - ArtFx Tiziana Annesi

Tiziana Annesi

Photography Professor
As a professional photographer, Tiziana Annesi has a real predilection for the field. For several years, she was a press photographer while working for several environmental associations. Having left the world of journalism, she is now an independent photographer and teacher. Specializing in photographing rock and heavy metal concerts, she covers large musical events for web magazines and concert halls.

Viktor Miletic - ArtFx Viktor Miletic

Viktor Miletic

Editing and Screenplay Professor
Graduate of Cours Florent, Viktor Miletic has a degree in Cinema and Theatrical Arts, and attended screenwriting master classes led by consultant John Truby. Starting off as an actor, Viktor then moved to directing and has edited a number of films.
He has also written several Shorts, a medium-length film and an animation series. Recently, he has been working on a few personal fiction projects.